How To Take The First Step Towards Self Improvement...

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

You know that list, that's stored away in the back of your brain, where you mentally take notes and ensure to criticize yourself about the items on said list on a weekly, if not daily basis... You know the list i'm talking about? 

Well, I actually decided to do something about it, and today I made a positive step to crossing things off said list. You see, I've always had a thing about my teeth... I'm an ex smoker, and my teeth wear the stains to prove it. It never used to bother me, that was until mean spirited comments from two separate people on separate occasions crept into my brain and made me begin to hate my teeth. 

The silly thing is, I let said comments seep into my mind and that made me hate smiling, I learnt to cover my teeth to hide them, to not feel ashamed, embarrassed or have more mean comments directed at me. 

I always felt like there was an excuse for not making a positive change, be it lack of time, lack of money, or lack of knowledge on how to really take that first step and go for it, when it hit me...

I could easily justify spending money on clothes, make up I didn't need, or spontaneous impulse purchases, yet I always had an excuse or a reason I couldn't spend the same amount or take the leap and make a positive change - and I'm not just talking about the colour of my nail polish... but a truly positive change that will help me move forward to being the person I want to be.

For some reason, today it clicked, and in a moment of motivation I decided to take control, and stop hiding behind reasons on why I can't do something and start looking for reasons on why I can.
And then it happened... I made the decision to purchase some Crest White Strips in the hopes of reaching my dream smile. 

I found my motivation, now it's time to find yours! So step forward and ditch the reasons you can't do something as now is the time to start searching for the reasons on why you can! You may even surprise yourself with the results.

I'd love to hear what positive steps and changes you're going to make to your life! Let me know in the comments... 
Em xxx


  1. I don't smoke, I never have, but I do drink a lot of coffee/tea, so I had a similar problem. I found something as simple as always drinking through a straw really made a big difference. So if you try that as well as your whitening strips it might really help :)
    Love your blog

  2. If it helps I'd recommend booking in for a clean with a dentist. I am still a smoker and used to have some what I thought were perm stains despite brushing, whitening strips and the like and after a thorough clean with the dentist it came up trumps!

    Victoria x

  3. So happy you're doing something to help yourself. It's so easy to complain, but starting to do something is very motivating & will make you feel better! xx

  4. If your smile didn't bother you before the mean-spirited comments, then there isn't any need for self-improvement! You're beautiful. Don't let others make you think otherwise. xx

  5. Please keep us updated on your whitening progress. I'd love to know what does and doesn't work! I have a tooth that is not aligned correctly and sticks out some that had anyways bothered me. I photo shop many of my photos because I HATE the way it looks. Last year I began the long road to getting it fixed, starting with deep cleanings, fillings, reshaping some of my teeth... next step is getting my wisdom teeth out, then getting my jaw aligned correctly, and finally some sort of braces. I more recently changed my profession and no longer have benefits, so everything is on hold for now. If anyone has the winning lottery number please message me! 😊

  6. I am the exact same way with not spending money on taking a positive change. It's definitely something I think everyone can spend some time working on.

  7. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey.

  8. I used to be exactly the same about my teeth and hated them so much I would pout constantly in photos to cover them. Then people started saying I was constantly pouting and looked like an idiot so I started whitening. I use Dr Georges Tooth whitening from and they work so well.

    People actually compliment me on my teeth now and someone told me that they could literally see me across the nightclub because my teeth were so white lol.

    Works for me!

    Katie <3

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