How Blogging Improved My Self-Esteem...

Saturday, 13 September 2014

When I first started posting make up looks online, I did so on a forum where it was all about the make up. Nobody cared what your name was or where you were from, they just wanted to see what you'd created. After constant requests and tons of encouragement, I finally started a blog and to be honest, I had no idea what would come of it.

I didn't expect that in less than 9 months, tens of thousands of people would view my blog every month, I'd get the opportunities I have been given and I'd meet the people I have. My Pale Skin is my baby, and I love how much happiness and warmth it has brought into my life.

A few things My Pale Skin has changed for me is my confidence and along with that, it has brought me friendship. A lot of people struggle with loneliness, and you know what,  i'm not afraid to admit that for the past few years I didn't have friends, I suffered from low self esteem, as well as loneliness... All I did in life was go to work, go home, eat, sleep. That was my life - if you could call it one. I was a shell of myself, and to be honest, I barely recognized who I was anymore.

Blogging changed all that for me. It gave me an outlet to be creative, an opportunity to feel empowered, and a chance to connect with other people online who share the same interests, in a way I often struggle with in life. When you're a child, making friends is easy, you have so many options and places you can meet others, however what you don't learn until you're an adult, is how difficult it is to make actual friends. Everyone is busy, nobody has anything in common and if like me, you live in London - nobody talks to each other.

I've met so many new people, at some great events and I feel like i've made some amazing friends since I began blogging, and they've all helped me in different ways. It's funny how personal confidence and self esteem can affect making friends and it's only since I began putting myself out there more, letting myself be awkward, and knowing that sometimes you need to have the bad experiences to appreciate the good has my life changed.

I'm so thankful to everyone who takes the time to read my blog and for the opportunities and friends that I've made through blogging. I can't wait to see where i'm at mentally and creatively in a years time and I hope you stick around for the jourey.
Em xxx


  1. This is a really lovely and inspiring post. Really agreed that it's harder to make friends as an adult in London, all my friends are still from education and none I've met elsewhere. I really want to start going to blogger events though as sounds great and so sociable :)

    The Makeup Directory

  2. I feel the exact same way. Although I haven't met up with anyone in person yet, blogging has got me talking to a lot of new people, and hopefully soon I'll start meeting up with more people.
    It's definitely a confidence booster.
    Glad that it's made you feel less lonely :) You look gorgeous in this photo btw

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger


  3. Such a lovely post, you are such a stunning lady!
    Written with style | Bloglovin

  4. Such an amazing posts, I wish I could go to more events and get to know more people in the community, but it is so hard when you live out in the countryside!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  5. This is such a honest post, it is really great to connect with people you have things in common with. It's great that blogging has improved your life like this x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  6. This is a great post, thanks for sharing how you feel about blogging! I've loved the blogging experience so far too and would love to start going to blogger events, how do you find out about ones that are close to you?
    Sophie x

  7. I'm so happy that blogging has helped you like this! I know how hard it can be to feel lonely and suffer from low self esteem so your not the only one! I hope your blog continues to grow and help you make many more beautiful friendships :)


  8. I'm so pleased to see blogging can help improve your self-esteem, I'm naturally shy and I love to blog and reply to comments as it's nice to see people like what you write :) good luck and carry on making excellent posts! x

  9. Thank you for posting this. I'm dealing with depression at the moment and I've just started my blog as a way to connect with people that are passionate about the same things I am. Your post is really encouraging. I hope to find like minded friends like you did
    Jill x

  10. Inspiring post. I've just started my blog so hopefully blogging will help my low confidence too. I'm glad you are feeling better within yourself as you are beautiful inside and out!

  11. I totally agree with this. London really can be such a lonely place. If I didn't have my blogger friends, I really wouldn't know what to do. FYI - If you ever need to go out or need someone to go out to tea with (personally one of my favourite hobbies) chances are I will be available!

    Katie <3

  12. This is such an amazing post! Thanks for sharing this beautiful!

  13. Thank you for sharing! I can totally agree, I'm much more of an introvert and only make the effort to hang out with those that are close with me. Blogging has helped me step out of my comfort zone quite a bit as it forces me to put myself out there for...oh, the entire world to see. It also does feel great to connect with those that share similar interests as my close friends aren't into the whole make up, beauty, fashion thing like I am.

  14. New reader here, but I love your story. I think that many of us can benefit from honest feedback instead of what our own thoughts and insecurities tell us that others think about us.

  15. I just added this to my favorites after several posts then ultimately yours. I don't like going out much either. My routine is sleep, sleep, sleep while depressed and skipping meals causes weight loss which to some may be considered good but with my very tiny frame at 5"5 and 125 lbs, that was my highest weight ever achieved(it took serious work). Now due to super stress my weight has plummeted to 114. That has an awful affect on my face and body. I don't even know if this is relevant but what I'm trying to say is great post! It's now under my favorites