Searching for the perfect pair of false eyelashes. #1

Friday, 21 February 2014

False eyelashes, katie perry oh honey

I love false lashes. Love them. They can transform a look in seconds and add that extra bit of oomph right where you need it. I find it hard to chose the right lashes that don't swamp my hooded eyes, and make me look quite frankly ridiculous. There are so so many brands of lashes that are popping up constantly! All different types, styles and even materials.

 I find it hard to get the right lashes for my face with my pale skin, bleach blonde hair and blue eyes.  

I'm after a pair of HG lashes that don't break the bank & don't look like slugs on my face. 

Today i'm trying out the Katie Perry, Oh Honey! Lashes.


I chose these because they had a full natural look without appearing too heavy and dark for my face. 

I applied the lashes with the glue supplied in the box. My first thought after putting them on was.. ermm... maybe I should have trimmed them down. They're a little bit too wide for my eyes. I think if I had trimmed maybe 2/3 ml off they would fit better and look plenty more natural. 

What I like about these is that they have that floaty wispie vibe I love going on. They feel light to wear and certainly aren't weighing my eyes down.  

What I don't like is, they are far too wide. I'm lazy, I don't really have much patience for cutting down lashes, and I always get them wrong. They never look even and I end up getting them muddled up with which chopped lash goes on which eye and having to take them off again. I also don't like the length of the lashes in the inside corner of the eye. These just don't seem right, as the inner corner lashes are too long for my pea sized eyes.

My final verdict for these lashes is a simple, meh. They're just okay. Nothing sensational, not life changing in the slightest and i'm certainly not going to run out and buy 20x pairs of them. However, if I wanted to dress up a little and glam up without having to buy lashes? I'd probably wear grab my Katie Perry Oh Honey! lashes from the drawer and wear them.

I'd love to hear what your favourite lashes are to wear, so let me know in the comments!