Blogger Basics #1 - Blogger Business Cards

Saturday, 9 August 2014

blogger business cards, advice, tips, tricks, best, cards, moo

blogger business cards, advice, tips, tricks, best, cards, moo

blogger business cards, advice, tips, tricks, best, cards, moo

blogger business cards, advice, tips, tricks, best, cards, moo

Welcome to the first of my new series 'Blogger Basics', In this series, I'm hoping to show you some of my 'must haves' for blogging, and I'm starting with one of the things I've found to be invaluable over the past few months - business cards.

I had my business cards printed earlier this year, not long after I'd first started blogging and I made sure to order them to arrive in time for the first Bloggers Love Fashion Week.

It took me a while - (about 4 hours) and a little design help from my partner, but I finally settled on a design I  was happy with. I wanted my cards to be the perfect reflection of my blog which meant using the same font & colour scheme.

When I first designed my cards, I had my mobile number, bloglovin, google + a few other sites on there. It didn't read well, it looked horribly clunky and I just wasn't in love with how they looked.

When I really thought about it, there were only really 3 pieces of information i'm constantly asked for on a frequent basis:

2. Email

If someone has those 3 pieces of information, and you've correctly back linked yourself on all your social platforms, they can find everything they need to know.

I opted for mini cards rather than full size cards as I find them conversation pieces that are not only incredibly useful for networking, but super cute at the same time. They also take up less space in my purse/handbag which is always a bonus as those receipts have to fit somewhere!.

I ordered 200x Business cards,a key ring business card holder and rush printing (2 day turnaround!) they came to the grand total of £43.04 However, If I'd planned ahead slightly more, It would have been possible to get them much cheaper.  By planning in advance you don't need to fork out extra for rush delivery and fret about if they'll arrive time the week before the event (like I did).

The more blogger events I attend and people I meet, the more I find it useful as a blogger to have business cards. Not only is it a step up for you as blogger, and everything suddenly becomes a bit more real, they are a great tool If you get shy or nervous around large groups of new people like I do. You may find it easier to just hand a business card to someone and run away than to explain everything about who you are, what you do, what your blog is called.

I'm so happy with my cards, and I've made a big dent in my boxes by handing them out as and when I can. I think when I get my next batch printed I'll be sure to add my YouTube channel link, but otherwise keep them exactly as they are!

I bought my cards through and if you would like to get yours printed with Moo, here's a 10% off voucher code to get you started -

If you have any questions about blogger business cards feel free to ask me in the comments! :)
Em xxx

(I was not paid or sponsored for this post in anyway - I just genuinely love my cards)


  1. I love the design of yours, I really need to get some of my own

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. Super cute! I got mine at

  3. They look great! I'm currently designing my own business cards through Moo as well and can't wait to finally get them done and in my hands ;) xx

  4. I love the design of your card! It looks amazing.

    Michelle xo

  5. I was toying with getting business cards but wasn't sure anyone used them anymore! Now I know! Going to go start looking at designs. Thanks so much!!

  6. I love the slim design of yours, so simple and nice.

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic