My 5 Favourite Blogs - September Edition

Tuesday 9 September 2014

If there's one thing I love more than blogging, it's reading other blogs. I've been wanting to share the love and showcase a few of my favourite bloggers for a while, so i've decided to introduce a monthly favourites to showcase the blogs I'm currently loving and can't get enough of.

In no particular order... let me introduce you to these 5 amazing writers, bloggers, and ladies and in less than 5 sentences, i'll tell you why you should be reading them...

Beautiface is written by the gorgeous and funny April Todd. On her blog you can expect to see anything from product reviews, tutorials and even funny posts such as "sh*t bloggers say". I love how honest and well written her blog posts are, her layout is clean and easy to navigate and her photos are beautiful. I love April's blog and it's so lovely when a bloggers personality comes across in their posts!

Beauty In Beta is a fabulous blog written by the awesome blogger & vlogger Beth. On her blog you can expect to see anything from lifestyle posts (did you know she created the #healthyselves chat) to beauty reviews and even a few tutorials. I also love how cute her layout is and she is an absolute inspiration with her recent charity swim. 

Moth Loves is written by the beautiful Monca Barbosa, who happens to be my favourite fashion blogger. I absolutely adore her style & Moth Loves is full of amazing #ootd posts. Her smile is infectious and her blog is amazing. I  have my fingers and toes crossed that she will win the Best Fasion Newcomer at the Cosmo Blog awards. 

Saida Cane is written by the fabulous Saida. What I love about Saida is how effortlessly cool her style is, and that comes across in her blog too. Every time I see Saida she looks impeccable and I love her blog mixes thought provoking posts alongside product reviews and wishlists.

And Beauty or Something is written by Sarah. An accountant by day, but oh my god the absolute haul queen by night. Sarah has wishing and hoping and dreaming of hauls more than any other blogger at the moment. I love how in depth and detailed her blog posts are. If you ever want to haul some high end beauty, Sarah is your go to girl for recommendations.

So that's it for my 5 Favourite Blogs - September Editon. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these blogs, and your suggestions for my october edition... Let me know in the comments...
Em xxx


  1. Thank you for your recommendations! I've checked some of them out and absolutely fell in love with them!

  2. Great suggestions! I love your blog (fellow pasty pale girl!) but I live in the US. If you have any US blogs or gurus you follow, I'd love to know :)

  3. Such a great post, and I actually don't follow any of them so I am checking all of them out now!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  4. Absolutely love that you did this post! Can't wait to check them all out in the morning :) xo