'London Edge' Alternative Fashion Show - (In Pictures)

Friday 12 September 2014

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On Sunday I headed to London Edge with the beautiful Monica from Moth Loves. As a former teenage punk, I was super excited when Monica invited me along with her as I hadn't been in the alt scene for so long, I was interested and intrigued to see the latest offerings from that world.

 First things first, we headed to the press area and got to hang out with tons of other bloggers and got gifted an amazing goody bag, (I felt so spoilt) then it was off to meet the brands and we walked around the entire show in  group of 15 bloggers, cameras equipped to take it all in.

There were some amazing masks on offer from The Original Atelier. I got to try on one of the black masquerade masks which I think this would look amazing with a jet black glittery eye. Monica and I fell in love with the style and grace of the ladies from The Pin Up Academy.  I absolutely adored these bottle necklaces from Coucou Heart and if i had space, I'd love to have them on display on a shelf or a dressing table constantly. I loved these alternative disney princess T shirts from Twisted Apparel and I think the grumpy Alice In Wonderland tank is genius. Iron Fist had some amazing shoes and I really loved the unicorn slip on shoes. Unfortunately i'm not sure which stand this amazing lipstick necklace is from, but oh my gosh is it cute. Whilst Vanity Project Dresses had some gorgeous prints.

Bebop Hairbands* had some beautiful hairbands on display and I managed to pick one up in my amazing gift bag and I can't wait to try a 50's make up look wearing it. Dead Lovers Clothing had a gorgeous street style printed dress and I loved the sugar skull inspired bag from Sullen Clothing. Monica literally threw her Prada bag across the floor to get to the fabulous unicorn hoodie from Cyberdog.  Finally, I totally fell in love with this beautiful crystal choker from Prong Jewellery and I can just imagine creating an edgy Queen Elsa look wearing it.

I had an amazing day out with Monica and met some other lovely bloggers and brands. It was so nice to spend the day At London Edge, and I look forward to the next show!

What is your favourite item? Let me know in the comments...
Em xxx


  1. Love the lipstick necklace! (And the one you're wearing too). Looks like a fun day!
    Laura x FloraLoo Two

  2. The choker is amazing, wish I was cool enough to wear some of these things! x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  3. I spot some gorgeous pieces in there! I think going to an event like that would be so fascinating! I love alt fashion even though I'm not wearing it myself. I'm just not brave enough!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

  4. I love the panda dress you pulled out, and those masks look beautiful! Perfect for a Masquerade ball!

    Katie <3

  5. love your lip colour here, what brand is it? xxx

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