When Bad lighting happens to good make up...

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I admit it, I'm a perfectionist. I have incredibly high standards towards myself and my goals. I can be driven, almost to the point of being obsessive and I do not like to let myself fail. The above image is one, of maybe 40/50 I took tonight. I was aiming to shoot content and 3 different looks to blog about over the next few days. 

...That didn't quite happen... or maybe it did happen, but none of the images met my impossibly high standards. I've scrapped the rest of the images, and I'm just going to share this image with you instead. 

I've recently bought new lights to use whilst taking photos of my makeup, but I just don't like them. I'm struggling to get them to work with my face. They're perfect for product shots, but FOTD or tutorial posts? Non. No chance. Maybe if I persevere I may be able to get them to work, but i'm still coming out of a bad face breakout caused by Chanel Foundation (which bogs me down as it is), and yesterday I cut down to 0% Nicotine on my Vaporizer (e.cig)... maybe today isn't the best day for taking makeup photos...

Hopefully i'll become friends with my lights (and my skin) again soon, when that happens, i won't pull my lashes off in frustration, and I won't scrub my makeup off in despair :( 

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