[Review] Beauty Protector Protect & Oil Review!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

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Hello lovelies! today i'm going to be giving you my thoughts on the Beauty Protector - Protect & Oil. I received this bottle in my February Birchbox subscription!

Beauty Protector Protect & Oil is 'a nourishing hair oil that battles UV rays, heat and breakage' 

Okay, this sounds like my kinda product. I have bleached hair, so I'm always looking for a new product that will add some much needed goodness.... without the high end salon price tag.

It's a very cute little glass bottle of oil with the Beauty Protector Logo printed onto it. I'm not sure exactly how much is in the bottle as I didn't weigh it, but at a guess, i'd say around 5ml of product. 
Now, let me tell you about the scent.. oh boy is it good!! The stuff smells like amazing. It's a mix of sugary sweeties & vanilla with a few fruity extracts thrown in. I love how this smells, and If it makes my hair smell like this, i'm sold already. 

This oil isn't greasy and as thin as one may expect, it is more of a gel like consistency. The guide states to use 2/3 drops on wet or dry hair. I have the finesse of a trout, and plopped a small pool of product into the palm of my hand, i'm estimating I used 3 drops.

I massaged it into the end of my hair first, as that it my most dry area and then worked my way up to the roots. It glided through my hair and made it feel silky and soft. I let the product settle in for a minute or two before i began blowdrying my hair. In all honestly, the ends did feel more silky! However, I don't know if that's because they were desperate for a bit of moisture or because the product is really that good.

After blow drying, I set my hair in rollers for the night....

em Ford, meddy ford, blogger, model, my pale skin, mypaleskinblog, glamour model, pale skin, my pale skin, youtube, blogger

Here's what it looked like the next day.

 Now there's a definite shine going on here in this picture, and it's safe to say it was in real life too. The ends felt soft and tamed and my hair felt luxurious. I think this product is really going to be a game changer for my hair. My only concern is that my hair gets quite greasy quickly when I start adding extra products onto it. If I keep this Oil onto the bottom half of my hair, i think it's a sure bet and something i'm going to keep on using.  


  1. I put this one on before bed on my damp hair and I absolutely love it! One, the smell was AMAZING and my hair felt silky soft. Love the product! I could really tell a difference from using this product instead of the Moroccan Oil (maybe I put the Moroccan Oil when my hair was a little more than damp but who knows). Love the shine on your hair by the way!

  2. Thanks Kristina! It's lovely isn't it? I adore products have have amazing scents! And this one just hits the nail on the head. x

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  5. This stuff smells amazing and I love what it does for my 43 year old hair! I just can’t seem to find a link to buy it. I got a sample but would love to buy a full size.

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