Beauty Boxes

Wednesday 5 February 2014

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This week I signed up to my first beauty box! 

Ahhhh it's so exciting. I've been researching beauty boxes online over the past few weeks, and decided not to do it as I didn't think it was great value for money, I didn't think I'd use any of the products that they send and I thought i'd be totally disappointed. 

Then I started to think about it a little more, the idea was firmly planted in my mind. I already have a Graze box subscription that I buy for the BF and get delivered to his work every week, even though I think graze box can be a bit hit or miss. The thing about Graze boxes are you never know what you'll get, everything is edible (hurrah!) and healthy (hurrah!) and most of the time, tastes really good. 

When I reeeeally thought about it, I had a revelation... (just go with it...) Beauty Boxes are just Graze boxes for your face! Yep, it's that simple.  The point is, you're meant to be trying new things that you wouldn't necessarily just pick up off the shelf, it'll give you a glimpse of new brands, and different products and hopefully the products may be good for your skin too. 

So that's it. I've signed up, I'm excited and impatient and waiting for my first Beauty Box to arrive between 10th-20th Feb. 


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  2. I've heard a lot about these boxes. Now I want to purchase it. Find me here if you have anything for sale.

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