[Tutorial] Full tutorial for my Pale Girl Contouring 2.0 Smokey Eye Edition. (Inspired by Margot Robbie)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

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So I'm back with another Margot Robbie Inspired Tutorial!

This is my Pale Girl Contouring 2.0 - Smokey Eye Edition.  

As always, there is no photoshop of any kind in any of these images.

Now I gave the ladies of Reddit a sneak peek of this last week, so you may have already seen it on Reddit, but here is my full step by step tutorial of how to achieve this look.

em Ford, meddy ford, blogger, model, my pale skin, mypaleskinblog, glamour model, pale skin, my pale skin, youtube, blogger

I've been asked to do more tutorials, so here's Pale Girl Contouring 2.0 Smokey eye edition. Hopefully I've made this simple enough for you to try too, I'm never sure if i'm making tutorials correctly, It would be useful to get some feedback, what works & what doesn't to improve the next!

Disclaimer: Had to take phonecall during making this, annnd my camera ran out of battery so had to stop to charge it... during this time my hair starts having a messy mind of it's own. Sorry!

Now i'm only going to list the most important stages here as to not make it too image heavy, but for the full album - check out my Imgur album here!

Product list

Moisturiser: Nivea Cream

Primer: Benefit Porefessional

Foundation: Mac Studio Fix fluid NC15

Contour: Illamasqua Skin Base 01 & Maybeleine FIT 355

Concealer: Max studio fix concealer shade NC15

Powder: B. Pressed Powder shade Light/Medium

Bronzer: Bourjois Paris Bronzer shade 52

Blush: Bourjois Paris Frosted rose

Eyes: NYX Milk

Eyeshadow: Bourjois little round pot #54, Bourjois Little round pot #74, Naked Basics

Brows: Sleek Eyebrow Palette Light

Eyeliner: B. Gel liner Black

Mascara: Bourjois Paris Volume Clubbing, Ultra Black

Lips: B. Lipstick #021 Dolls House.

Lets get started! 

Clean, moisturise and prime your face! 
Products used: Nivea Cream, followed by Benefit Porefessional

Get some base on that face!
 Products used: Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC15. I used 2 pumps and applied using Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

em Ford, meddy ford, blogger, model, my pale skin, mypaleskinblog, glamour model, pale skin, my pale skin, youtube, blogger
Now it's time to get that contour on!
Products used: Illamasqua Skin Base #01 White &  Maybeline FIT Foundation Shade 355

(I'm using a different  foundation from last time, as i think the Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation was breaking me out. sigh.)

Blend that high lighter down and feather it into your foundation.
I blend out the highlight first using a flat foundation brush... because that's kinda the only brush i have currently to do this step.

Here's a little harvey dent shot to show you how it looks so far. I've softly blended the contour and the hi light together, first off by brushing up into it, and then in small soft circles.

This is how my face looks when blending is complete.  Now, add a little touch of powder, just to set that. I used my B. Pressed powder in Light/Medium and applied it using my Real Techniques Powder Brush.

Next up, it's time to cover those dark circles. I've applied my Mac Studio Fix Conealer NC15 under my eyes. You're then going to blend that in. I used my finger for this step as I find the warmth of my finger on the product helps.

Now we're going to get some bronzer on that pale skin. I'm currently using Bourjois Paris Bronzer in shade 52.  I've placed my bronzer in the same places that i applied my contour, making sure I give special attention to my cheekbones, temple area and my forehead. I do this as i find it gives another layer of depth to the contoured look.

Next up, blush and base. Ad you blusher onto your cheekbones just above your bronzer. I've used Bourjois Paris, Little round pot in frosted rose. I've gone in with a light hand to bring out a rosy glow. I then prepped my eyelids with a base of NYX Milk. 

Blend out the NYX Milk and then add your base shadow on top. I've chosen The shade 'Naked' from the Naked Basics palette. you don't have to be too neat with it at this point because it's going to get blended out.

Next add your shimmering brown or bronze shade. I've used Bourjois Paris, Little round pot #54. I then blend the shimmer out into the matte shade.

Next, take a darker shimmer shade of your choice and work that into the crease and also around the outer corner of your eyes. Blend that using a nice big fluffy brush. 
Next we're going to start the eyeliner. Tight line your top lashes, waterline your bottom and add a small wing. I've used a gel liner for this as i'm kinda digging the new liner i picked up to test out. It's B. Cosmetics Gel Liner - Black.

Now we're going to smudge out that liner, again to add an extra layer of depth to the eyes and the overall look. I've also gone back in with the MAC studio fix concealer underneath my eyes as I personally didn't feel they bright enough for my liking. I didn't get much sleep the night before I made this tutorial and I felt like my face showed it! You don't have to do this step. It's optional...

Get your HG Mascara out and flutter those lashes! I've used my Bourjois Volume Clubbing - Ultra Black Mascara.

Now we're going to fill in those brows and add definition to that face of yours.  I used my Sleek Eyebrow powder only from the palette. I've gone for a lighter brow colour this time, as a few people thought it may look better than the slightly darker tone I used previously. Whadya think?

And Here's the finished look... It's time to grab your eyelashes (if you want to wear them) Grab your favourite nude lipstick, and fix your hair! We're going for the red carpet look. 

em Ford, meddy ford, blogger, model, my pale skin, mypaleskinblog, glamour model, pale skin, my pale skin, youtube, blogger

Finished with a slick of B. Cosmetics Liptick 'Dolls House'

em Ford, meddy ford, blogger, model, my pale skin, mypaleskinblog, glamour model, pale skin, my pale skin, youtube, blogger

Thanks for checking this tutorial out, and i'll be back with more like this soon! 


  1. Amazing....!!!! The result is just beautiful!


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    Beautiful results too! Love the look. xo


  3. Wow this is amazing! I've been trying to learn to contour for ages so I'll have to give this a try - you look beautiful :)

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  8. You're so pretty! Have been looking for MR tutorials for ages thanks so much x

  9. looks good but how long does it hold? especially in summer :/ i hate my oily skin, it looks disgusting whith and without makeup. i have to renew my makeup 2 or 3 times a day, of cource i do it at home, i spend so much time on it - coming home, cleaning, making up.. all that precous time i could spend on sth else.. and my boyfriend.. i love him but he never saw me without makeup and i cant imaging i could present myself like that... i am getting older, it becomes more difficult to make up because of wrinkles, now they are small, but it will be worse later.. i try not to become depressive but it is really hard. it is difficult not to hate myself especially when i see all the people around me who have wonderful skin, girls and women who can just go out without makeup ... sometimes i wish i was already a 80 or 90 jears old woman, when you're that old it doesnt matter how you look. beeng young and looking like this is unbearable. i spend so much money on cosmetics and products, if it was saved, i could go for a long luxurious holyday i guess.. make up is not a solution. its good for 2-3 hours to go out but not for my life. but i also dont know what the right way ist. i try to get rid of my "problems" (thats how i call it because it is the biggest problem of my life, all the other problems look ridiculous compared to it) by changing my habits concerning for excample what i eat. some changes really helped me, but i'm still fighting. sometimes i think i cant go on like this any more. why should i? i ask myself... maybe one day i will not be able to fight anymore. i dont know what then will happen.