[REVIEW] Muji Beauty Event - 18th February 2014

Thursday, 20 February 2014

On Tuesday I made my way to Muji on Oxford Street for the #Mujibeauty event. I admit it, I left the office early to get there on time... The event started at 6pm, and the first 25 people in the queue would receive a goody bag crammed full of Muji health and beauty items!

I rocked up at about 5:30pm and stumbled upon this queue... I was disappointed to say the least. 

But then I started my head count.... and it turned out that I was still in with a chance of getting my hands on a bag! I bumped into the ever so lovely Louise from whilst waiting for the clock to strike 6pm, we became queue buddies and chatted about blogging, work and make up!

After a bit of a kerfuffle with the security, and people attempting to push the line to grab a goody bag, it hit 6pm and we were head counted! I'd made the first 25 by the skin of my teeth and I would be getting a bag! Hurrah.

The store was packed with fashionistas and beauty lovers all clambering amongst themselves to get as many beauty drawers as they could in the 20% sale. Honestly, the queues were insane both upstairs and downstairs...

I made my way downstairs, and bumped into the lovely Lily Pebbles! 
I caught her mid instagram! We laughed then chatted for a bit about London living and which Muji products are our favourites. 

Needless to say she got swamped throughout the event by loving fans dying to get a picture with her and talk to her. 

The Muji team were working overdrive throughout the time I was in store, constantly filling up shelves, pouring champagne for shoppers and keeping the store presentable. They'd also drafted in Make up Artists from Shu Uemera to give eye makeovers!

Now, I wasn't going to buy anything in store tonight... I don't really have room! Living in Chancery Lane and being able to walk to Oxford street super quickly is a godsend, but it also means not having much room! I don't have room for a vanity table or somewhere to sit and do my make up :( But I thought, to hell with it! I'll make room! I'm forever struggling to find the products I need in the clear kit bags I have, so I decided to re purpose space in my flat to find a home for some beauty drawers.

I bought 3 sets of the stackable flip top wide drawers, an acrylic pot holder to put brushes in, some cotton buds, cotton squares and a few other bits and bobs... I got to the checkout, got everything bagged up, handed in my golden ticket for my free goody bag and couldn't believe what I was presented with!

Here are the contents of my bag! It was amazing! It's funny, out of the 5 items I was gifted, I actually bought 3 in the 20% off sale! I was very happy with what i received and think it was an extremely generous gift!

It was a good event, and they had some great offers on in store, I'm super happy with my purchases and over the moon with my goody bag. I look forward to heading to the next one!

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  1. randomly stumbled across your site! I heart muji! missed out on this event but still managed to get discount during that week.