Primark Jewellery Haul!

Monday, 12 May 2014

statement necklaces, primark jewellery haul

I've recently fallen in love with statement jewellery. I've never really owned any statement pieces as for some reason I always thought I couldn't wear them because I had a bigger bust. I was gifted a beautiful statement necklace from Oliver Bonas last month after leaving my job and that has ignited my new found passion for bold pieces. I recently headed to Primark for a browse and here's what I ended up coming home with!

primark statement necklace, flowers, crystals

primark statement necklace, haul, jewellery

jewellery haul

I absolutely fell in love with this piece as soon as I saw it. It was one of those moments where you can't help but think if you've walked into the right shop. I could not believe the quality and how beautiful it was for only £6.00 and in Primark!

 There are so many outfits and make up looks i'm dying to pair this with. It's perfect for a cute girly look or to add some colour and glam to a jeans and T-shirt day.

primark statement necklace haul

primark statement necklace haul

As well as loving statement pieces, i've also been loving gold jewellery as of late. Sometimes I want to wear a statement piece that isn't a girly flower necklace. 

When I saw this necklace my first thoughts were that my boyfriend will hate it, and unfortunately for him... I have to have it! 
I don't know what drew me to it, but i imagined it going perfectly with a white topshop jumper i'd recently bought on ebay. At £5.00 this was a welcome addition to my jewellery collection.

I'd pair this necklace with a bold black wing, ponytail and a leather jacket for an edgy glam look.

primark statement necklace haul

primark statement necklace haul

And for those days in between girly and edgy, here's the best of both worlds. I loved how simple this was, but that it can add a finishing touch to any outfit. I have a feeling that this may turn into a simple everyday necklace for me. I like the clean lines and that it's what i'd call, an understated statement necklace.

At £3.00 it's a great little everyday necklace and i'm sure it's going to be popping up in blog photos in the future.

above the knuckle silver midi ring primark

above the knuckle silver midi ring

A jewellery haul isn't complete without some midi rings and I picked these up for the bargain price of £1.50!

 I have tiny fingers and i'm pretty sure only the adjustable ring will fit me, but even at £1.50 for the one ring it's a bargain!

primark flower crown

Last, but not least I finally bought a flower crown! I'd been after one of these for what seems like forever as there were a few editorial looks I'd wanted to try out, but needed a crown to pair it with. 

At only £4.00 it was an absolute bargain. However, this one didn't pass the boyfriend test as he wasn't too keen on it, but i'm sure I can change his mind if I style it a little more professionally than slapping it on my head and saying "Look how pretty it is!" 

 Keep your eyes peeled for a look featuring this on the blog very soon! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these and If you've picked up some jewellery at Primark recently, let me know in the comments! xxx


  1. The 3rd necklace is my favorite :O Can't wait to see what you do with the flower crown :)

  2. Gorgeous things, I saw the necklaces in there at the weekend but I chose not to get them, dam, wrong move they are lovely. Though I did pick up two beautiful clutches and a scarf, you can't beat Primark accessories :)
    xxx Claire

  3. You can't beat primark for good value statement jewellery :) you got some really pretty pieces xx

  4. The first necklace is soo pretty, lovely pastel colors :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  5. Ohh I LOVE the first necklace, it's beautiful! Totally my kinda style. Good old Primarni!

    Kirsten |

  6. The first necklace is stunning! Great picks xx

  7. Love the look of the first necklace, so so pretty! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD | ASOS or Feelunique £25 Voucher Giveaway

  8. I absolutely love the pastel coloured necklace! I might have to go in to Primark and pick myself one up. It is so summery! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  9. Love that pastel necklace!

  10. Can't wait to go pick up some stuff from Primark.. seen some amazing jewellery in there lately. x

  11. The first necklace is GORGEOUS! perfect for spring!! Primark did good ! I really wanna give midi rings a try, but whenever It ry them on in the shop they seem to squish my fingers a bit, which isn't very flattering!

    Great post :)

  12. I have those rings! seriously love :D xox

  13. Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous jewellery x

  14. You picked up some pretty jewellery! My favourite is the first necklace, it's so colourful and beautiful. If only I had this in my local primark., I would pick it up straightaway.

  15. I saw that first necklace when I was in the other day, and I really wish I had bought it now! Might take another trip to Primark next week

    Lauren |

  16. I love your photography! Primark have had some simply lovely jewellery in recently they've really upped their game

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  17. These statement pieces are amazing, I love all the pastel colours used in the first necklace x

  18. Primarni jewellery is the best! Stunning photos :)

  19. IM in love with the first necklace! Im defiantly going to have to go to primark sometime soon! <3


  20. I have a few statements necklaces from Primark now, at first I was not sure about them but I wear them all the time now. xo

  21. Love the first necklace! I miss Primarni! xx

  22. This is so creative. loved it !
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