Mondrian London, Agua Bathhouse & Spa Launch

Monday, 24 November 2014

On Thursday, April and I headed over to the  Mondrian London Hotel at Sea Containers for the launch of the Agua Bathhouse and Spa.

Spa's are places that intrigue me and although I've visited one before, I rarely venture into them. It's likely because I grew up with my mother not really into beauty, she isn't one for make up or skin care products as much as I try and push them in front of her.... I'm also in the mindset that If I spend a day lounging, being pampered and just relaxing - I feel guilty. I feel guilty because I know there's a million other things I'm meant to be doing during that time.

What I loved about the ' Spa Playground' is how it's different to your everyday spa. It's modern, inviting and utterly beautiful. Designed by Tom Dixon, there's a space for everyone in the lounge area and the glamour room is set out wonderfully for Ciate manicures and pedicures. 

For treatments, the spa is packed full of 'boutique' brands such as Glamglow, Dr Jackson's Natural Products, Estelle & Thild, Billion Dollar Brows, Lola's Apothecary and many more... 

The staff are polite, friendly and highly trained and surprisingly the prices aren't extortionate for Central London- with an express manicure starting at £25 and a day packed with treatments up to £260.

Would I go there for treatments? A full day, highly unlikely - as I'm not necessarily a 'spa woman' and can think of better things to spend £260 on. However, for an afternoon with girlfriends, I feel like I've been converted and I'm pretty tempted to pay a visit and have that niggling pain in my lower back ironed out. 

Do you enjoy spa visits? I'd love to hear your top tips to make the most out of them. Let me know in the comments.
Em xxx


  1. Oh wow what a gorgeous place!
    Sophie x

  2. I'm not a spa person either but I have to say I loved the look, feel and brands involved in this one that I'd certainly make the effort to have a treatment or two there - if not for an excuse to sit in the gorgeous bar with amazing views!


  3. What a gorgeous place, it looks so relaxing!

  4. What great photos! Everything looks so relaxing, warm and inviting. Not cold and sterile like so many!

  5. I love spa days so will definitely have to try this out you feel so relaxed when you come out.

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