L'oreal Wild Stylers, Next day Hair Spray Review

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

L'oreal, wild stylers, texture, spray, review, pale skin, my pale skin, em ford

L'oreal, wild stylers, texture, spray, review, pale skin, my pale skin, em ford

L'oreal, wild stylers, texture, spray, review, pale skin, my pale skin, em ford

Have you ever had a hair product that was so good, your boyfriend stole it?  For me, the L'oreal Wild Stylers Next Day Hair* texture spray is that product. Now i'm not the type of girl who sprays endless products into her hair on a daily basis, because most of the time I see them doing more harm than good...  I have bleached hair so try to avoid products which will try and dry it our or potentially damage it even more and worse still... make it feel lank and greasy. 

Over the past year however, I've realised that hair does indeed look better the next day, be it curls, waves or whatever - with the exception of course on that salon fresh bouncy blowdry. But as i'm just a mere mortal and sadly don't live the life of Tamera Ecclestone, I've resulted to a few tricks to get my hair looking good, quickly.

To get the perfect amount of texture into my hair, fast - I blowdry my hair in a faily rough way to give it some  natural texture and then I give a good spritz of the L'oreal next day hair into the mid lengths and ends and kind of juz it in with my fingers...(juz is a technical term... right?) I find that using the product in this way means that my hair doesn't sit as flat, and generally looks like i've spent more than 2 minutes on my hair... which is always a good thing.

The BF likes to use it on his freshly washed hair as he is a man and doesn't appreciate the feeling of freshsly washed hair...(I KNOW!!) and finds that spritzing some of this in, helps him style it easier.

At £12.75 it's by no means cheap for a hair 'texture' spray... but is it worth it? The battle for the spray in the morning kind of speaks for itself...

Em xxx


  1. This sounds awesome! I've recently decided to grow out my fringe and layers and as its all getting the same length, I've been trying to find something to give a bit more volume and texture. Definitely will give this a go!

    Alicia (LissyBeauty)

  2. This sounds like something I could use in my life! I have to wash my hair daily so it can sometimes look flat and I don't like having to use dry shampoo for texture.. I may be treating myself to this as a Christmas present!

    Beka. xo

  3. Tempted to go and pick this up, I'm always looking for products that add texture. Can see my BF stealing this as well aha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

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