#BLFW Bloggers Love Fashion Week - My Highlights!

Friday 28 March 2014

I've been talking about it all week on twitter, but for those of you who don't know...this week I attended Bloggers Fashion Week!
The #BLFW (That's Bloggers Love Fashion Week) took place from the heart of London's West End, at Penthouse, Leicester Square. I couldn't believe so many things were packed into 3 short evenings and I was super excited to attend. Now, i'm not a fashion guru and clothes aren't my forte, so instead of drooling over dresses and shoes, I got excited by some other things I found this week, such as accessories and beauty. Not only did I meet so many great brands, I met so many lovely bloggers too.

Here are my top finds and moments from the past few days! 

Taro Collection Jewellery
Oh my gosh it's so shiny!! Like a little magpie I was totally drawn to this stand. I'm trying to be more adventurous in my jewellery choices and these were really cute! I really like the chunky silver chain necklace.

Rachel Black Millinery
The inner Magpie in me was once again attracted to this gorgeous headpiece. All completely handmade, each hair band can take up to a day to make. I loved this flower hair band, and If I were to attend any races this summer, this would be straight on my head, for sure.

Model It Lashes by Alisha White
I like Alisha, she's a tenacious model who has branched out and started her own lash line. Alisha had some gorgeous lashes in a whole variety of types!

Blog Dates
Can't mention Bloggers Fashion Week without mentioning my Blogger date for Tuesday night! The Lovely Beth from 'The British Girl' I love reading her blog, and thought she seemed like a really cool girl, so I reached out to her and asked her if she'd like to come to Day 2 with me! Glad I did, Beth is lovely and we had non stop bloggy chat all night!

The Parlour
 The Parlour were on hand glitterfying the lovely bloggers in attendance on day 3 of BLFW, I saw so many beautiful eye designs throughout the evening and the two fabulous bloggers below caught my eye!

Headmasters were also in attendance at BLFW. They had set up a mini hair styling bar and you could choose a look from their Blowdry collection before their brilliant stylists Jodie & Ian would get to work on you! I told Ian that I like soft waves and love any hair style with a brushed out curl. I gave him total freedom to style my hair... including the brand new set of Dirty Looks Hair extensions I was wearing (I'll be reviewing these soon!)

I felt like such a Disney Princess with my tumbling blonde curls. I was so impressed with how quickly they styled my hair and gave me a look which was very me! I loved how my hair looks and I know who i'm going to be paying a visit to when I have a special night out to get ready for in the future. 

And of course... a night isn't complete without a selfie in the bathroom!

So those are my top highlights from the 3 nights at #BLFW. I picked up some amazing products which i'm going to be reviewing individually over the next few weeks and feel very lucky to have met some wonderful bloggers including - 

April from Beautiface, Beth from Beauty in Beta, Monica from Moth Loves, Beth from The British Girl, Xeena and the gang from Blogging Gals and many many more. I've an awful memory so I do apologize if i've missed anyone.

 Congratulations to Danielle for all her hard work putting on the event and i'm looking forward to the next!


  1. Bloggers fashion week was so well organised, I had such a great time. Such a shame I didn't get to meet you there :( You look absolutely stunning in the pictures, your hair is amaaaazing too! X Emma

  2. Aw I was there! I didn't know you were there too! I left so early cause i didn't know anyone and felt well weird about staying on my own :s haha

  3. Love your hair! And those face things are soooo coool! I wish I was there :-(

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  4. You look superb! Those fancy things are very pretty :)

  5. I was meant to be going to this but something came up and I couldn't go in the end :( It would have been my first event too! Looks like I definitely missed out on a fab night! Your hair looks amazing too! x

  6. Looks like you'd a great time!!
    Love your hair :)

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