Pale Test #11 - L'oreal Paris ~True Match La Touch Magique Concealer

Friday, 20 February 2015

l'oreal paris, la touche magique, concealer, pale skin, pale test, swatch, review, pale skin, my pale skin, em ford, concealer, foundation, best, worst, swatch

l'oreal paris, la touche magique, concealer, pale skin, pale test, swatch, review, pale skin, my pale skin, em ford, concealer, foundation, best, worst, swatch

l'oreal paris, la touche magique, concealer, pale skin, pale test, swatch, review, pale skin, my pale skin, em ford, concealer, foundation, best, worst, swatch, ivory beige

l'oreal paris, la touche magique, concealer, pale skin, pale test, swatch, review, pale skin, my pale skin, em ford, concealer, foundation, best, worst, swatch, ivory beige

l'oreal paris, la touche magique, concealer, pale skin, pale test, swatch, review, pale skin, my pale skin, em ford, concealer, foundation, best, worst, swatch, ivory beige

I get asked on an almost daily basis which foundations and concealers are the best for pale skin tones, and this series is going to explore all different types of  products from varying brands and at all price levels which will hopefully help you to make a decision on which foundation and concealer is right for you! 

In universal skin tone terms.. I struggle to find a product that suits me. I'm on the hunt for a product that will be the perfect fit for My Pale Skin. 

Product: L'oreal Paris True Match Touch Magique Concealer - Ivory Beige

Price: £8.19

Packaging:  The Concealer has a built in brush applicator, with a twist bottom that brings the product up through the brush. It has a pretty secure lid that clicks shut.

Coverage: I'd say that the product gives a medium coverage which is build-able.

Colour:  There are six shades in the range with Ivory Beige being the lightest cool toned product. It applies fairly yellow on the skin as it's designed to be used as a 'brightening' concealer which can mask and brighten up dark circles.

Finish:  I found the finish to be dewy. It applies evenly, without looking 'cakey'.

Final Verdict:  I wasn't expecting a whole lot with this L'oreal concealer as i'm so used to being disappointed by drugstore offerings shade wise. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by this offering. I mea like i'm really loving this concealer at the moment. I'm wearing it every day!  It applies extremely easily, blends seamlessly and masks dark circles. The ivory beige is a light yellow shade that is perfect for cooler toned skin tones. I'm super happy to say that the L'oreal Paris True Match Touch Magique Concealer has PASSED the pale test (on my skin) and has well and truly made it's way into my make up bag.

As Always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this concealer or what you'd like me to try next, let me know in the comments.
Em xxx


  1. Never tried this one, but I really like the Rimme Wake Me Up concealer. I might give it a try :)
    Great post!

    Nikoleta, xoxo

  2. I'm so excited for the rest of this series! I'm NW10-13 so finding drugstore products is a struggle sometimes.

    UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  3. L'oreal Lumi Magique is also amazing. It's my favourite and also has slightly pink undertones which the palest among us usually have! :)

    Joanne Sherrell x

  4. I have gotten this a while ago and used it, loved it and now forgotten about it. So thanks for the reminder, I must dig it back out :)

    Pams Stuff and Things
    LORAC PRO Palette Giveaway

  5. Sounds great - anything that covers dark circles (or at least vaguely, I've never found anything that fully covers them sadly) is a winner for me! xx

  6. I've never tried a L'Oreal concealer; I'm such a fan of the True Match foundation that I may have to try this little beauty out. I feel your pale skin problems x

  7. I love the idea of 'pale test' posts, I struggle so much getting the right concealer and foundation!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  8. what a great idea doing a pale test. I also struggle getting the right shade and am slowly working my way through every foundation possible

  9. I have been using this concealer for a while and have also been loving it on my pale skin! It gives such a nice finish, comparable to higher-end products!

    Rachel |

  10. I've never been that lucky with high street concealers but this sounds amazing! For some reason I don't buy a lot of L'oreal products but I think i'll give this a try too.

    Roxie ♥

  11. Hey :) I've nominated you for a Liebster Award because I think you're fabulous. Check out the post for the questions AnnieRosesDiary xoxo

  12. this is the exact concealer & shade that I use :D I find the brush tip super convenient

  13. Can I ask what foundation shade you are? I guess Mac is the most universally understood

  14. I can recommend IDUN Minerals, which is a swedish brand and very unique :-) Fantastic for all skintypes and colors.

  15. I like foundation L'Oreal for my really pale skin. I'm polish, so my skin is very very pale. I like eucerin too, because it is good for spots. Thanks for this test. I need buy this product.

  16. Where do I buy it?

  17. The price is moderate, the effect seems to be amazing :)

  18. Kiko concealer is a favourite of mine especially for contouring, its crazy cheap and blends so well i think it would be worth giving a go!

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