Bleach London Pastel Hair Christmas Gift Guide!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas is not only the time of year we all spend time with our loved ones, it's also a period of time off from work, school, college and university... which in hand, means time away from rules and dress codes... you see where I'm going with this? 

Bleach London are known to be the experts at cray coloured hair in London. With Salons in Shoreditch and even Topshop, a range of hair dyes that can be bought in drugstores too. Bleach seem to know their stuff. If you've been a fan of the pastel hair trend, or know someone who is, the Christmas period could be the perfect time to experiment with wash in colours to add a little edge to a look. I wanted to share with you my top picks from the Bleach London* Gift range that are all super affordable (and even on 3 for 2 at Boots!) and are a great way to mix up a look. 

Bleach London Spin The Bottle* - £12.00

The Bleach London, Spin The Bottle* gift set is great value for £12.00 and offers a one off opportunity to try so many different colours. It's the type of set that I would have killed to get my hands on as a teenager, and I can imagine a group of friends having so much fun at a sleepover experimenting and creating some great looks.

In the set, you get:
1x Sea Punk Super Cool Colour
1x Washed Up Mermaid Super Cool Colour
1x Violet Skies Super Cool Colour
1x Bullini Super Cool Colour
1x Rose Super Cool Colour
1x Awkward Peach Super Cool Colour

 I will point out though that these shades will not work on dark hair, you will need to have light blonde hair, or highly bleached hair to get the full effect of the shades. These are also Semi Permanent dyes and they will wash out in 2-10 washes, depending on your hair type.

I have three weeks off over the festive period, and I'm hoping to get through at least half of these colours before I go back to work... and you never know, If I like them... I may make one of them a permanent thing.

Bleach London Hold It's Hair Pencil Case Set* - £10.00 

What I love about the Bleach London Hold It's Hair Crayons* is how easy they are to use. At £10.00 it's an incredibly affordable set, that not only fits in to a secret santa budget, but is a great stocking filler too. The set contains 3 different shades that work well together to create an ombre effect, or by using varying amounts of pressure, work well on their own to create a cool 'faux dipdye' hair do. I love using the Rose and Bruised Velvet crayons together to create beautiful pink & ombre looks in my hair and the best thing about these crayons is that they wash out straight away, meaning they're perfect for a cool night out and you can head back into the office the next day without anybody ever knowing...

Bleach London Rose Cool Colour Bauble* - £5.00

The Bleach London Rose Cool Colour Bauble* could well be the ultimate stocking filler for a cool blonde, or light haired friend that you know. At £5.00 it makes a great little gift that is welcome in my stocking any day, you can also stay bang on trend with a Scrunchie... (I still can't believe scrunchies are back in fashion?!). A beautiful rose pink dye that is easy to apply and washes out in 2-10 washes, it could be a great way to mix up your look over the festive period. 

Bleach London Phone Case & Sticker Set* - £10.00 

Finally, a gift idea for the ultimate Tumblr reading, pastel hair loving girl - a great stocking filler is the Bleach London Phone Case & Sticker Set* that even comes with dare I say it, a cute NIT key ring... That's right, a hair nit. The set comes with some cute stickers and the case fits an iPhone 5/5s. At £10.00 it's a cute gift that fans of the brand will enjoy, I'd say this is more towards the young teen age range, and If I wasn't such a clutz who needs a hard bevelled edged case - I'd totally use the case on my phone. 

So those are my picks from the Bleach London Gift range. I'm dying to get to grips with the hair dyes, so stay tuned to see what looks I come up with! I'd love to hear which is your favourite product from the range, let me know  in the comments.
Em xxx

*PR Sample.


  1. I love the sounds of this! I have heard that they might stain lighter hair though! Hmm, worth a try though. This would make a great Christmas present. x x

  2. For someone who uses Bleach London religiously I need this!

  3. These all look like such good gifts! Super tempted to dye my hair blonde now so I can give all of these a go!
    Jodie // La Lune Song

  4. These all look amazing I use to dye my hair all different colours when I was younger but I totally ruined my hair but seeing all of these pretty colours tempts me to do it again haha :)
    Lucy x

  5. I honestly agree that these gift sets look amazing. I would of really loved (still would love) the spin the bottle set a few years ago when I would change my colour every other week! xx

  6. ohhh please post pictures for each color!

  7. The crayons look brilliant and easy to use. I've had some blue hair colour sitting on my dresser for a while now - it's just never seemed like the right time to fully Marge Simpson it. You've inspired me. Christmas may be that time.

  8. Sorry, this is totally unrelated, and I definitely don't mean to be rude... But are the pictures deceiving me or what, because you don't really look that pale? I live in Finland, and I look translucent, literally, and it's impossible to find good foundations because of that, and my undertone is very pink, too.

    What's your undertone and MAC colour? I haven't been reading your blog THAT much yet, so sorry if this is mentioned somewhere. I'd just like to get more into it and take tips from you, so I'm curious if you have the same colours above and under as I do. :)

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