#AsDarknessFalls - The Team Gleam & Daily Mix TV Halloween Party

Friday 24 October 2014


Tuesday Night, I was incredibly lucky enough to attend Team Gleam & Daily Mix TV's Halloween party in Penthouse, Leciester Square - Central London. I think my jaw hit the floor before I squealed with excitement at receiving the invite.

You see, I've always wanted an excuse or a good reason to dress up like a Disney Princess, and this party was that reason. I got to work on planning my Elsa costume right away and made sure to RSVP in a heartbeat!  I'd also invited the beautiful April to come with me and after my slight Taxi delay, I picked her up and we headed to the venue. 

This party was like no other i'd ever been to! Everywhere you looked, there was a famous YouTuber, dressed in an incredible costume. Now, after about 3 hours of  being scared to talk to anyone and moving from empty space to empty space... and some all important encouragement from the handful of people I knew in attendance... I eventually plucked up the courage to try and speak to people. It's funny how you can spend all week planning the perfect costume, logistics and everything else that comes with attending a costume party... but the one thing I forget to arrange was my confidence. After a few hours of feeling rubbish, with my confidence hitting rock bottom and some wonderful words of encouragement from Lianne Lim Walker (who by the way is an absolute sweetheart!) I finally got to say hi to Zoella and had a lovely little chat, hung out with Gabby and chatted with Niomi and Marcus,
I had fun catching up with the lovely Scarphelia whom I hadn't seen for a while and also Victoria who i'd previously met at a Primark Event and looked amazing in her make up and black milk costume.

There were so many people that I wanted to speak to and get to know, but I just couldn't shake off my confidence issues and just say hello to people, or strike up a conversation. I've written so many times about how difficult I find it to make friends and meet new people and this night was sadly no different. But, small steps right? That's what we're aiming for... and who knows, at next years party, I might be the loudest person in the room...

I have to say that Katie had worked so hard organizing the party, decorating and generally being just being awesome. I've so much respect to her for pulling off the party of the year.
Thanks so much to Katie, Gleam, Daily Mix  for the invite, and of Course Asda for sponsoring the party and hopefully see you at the next!
Em xxx


  1. You did so well to even say hi to people, I would have been sat in a corner crying! Baby steps and soon you'll be looking back wondering how you could have been so shy and felt so bad about yourself! Your costume is AMAZING!! xxxx

  2. Oh wow! I absolutely love your outfit! You look stunning! I hope you had a great time, well done on beating your shyness at the event. I'm really shy too and it really does affect you in social situations!

  3. That dress looks incredible on you! I'm so glad you had a great night, the fun really shines through in the pictures.

    Beka. xo

  4. You look so beautiful! I'm really glad that you got some confidence and spoke to people!

  5. Your outfit is incredible you suit being elsa so much! Such a shame about the confidence issues you struggle with but you are most definitely not alone! Much love xxxx

  6. Your costume is beautiful. And it looked like you had such a fun night at the event. I'm so glad you did overcome your confidence slightly to approach people that is such a big step. I too am one of those people that would much rather hang around the edges watching others have fun and it is the worst but you've taken a huge step. Well done! One step at a time and we'll get there x

  7. you look amazing as Elsa! The confidence thing must feel like a huge mountain to climb, but I bet a lot of the other people there were also feeling the same :)

  8. Looks like it was a fun party, you looked incredible!

    Sophie x

  9. Your outfit is amazing! I know exactly how you feel about confidence issues, I can never bring myself to speak to people at events :( well done on managing to speak to a few people though!

    L x

  10. It really looks fun! And that halloween costume is so cute.!

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