Perfect Eyelashes by Agnes Dos Santos* Review!

Sunday 6 April 2014

This week I've been trying out Perfect Eyelashes by Agnes Dos Santos*.  Perfect Eyelashes* are a range of 'Luxurious' eyelashes available in 4 different types. I chose the Glam & Natural lashes from the range to try, test and play with.

On first impressions, these Perfect Eyelashes* are some of the most realistic looking strip lashes I've ever seen. They have a nice natural curl and each eyelash is super fine. They don't have the regimented look that drugstore lashes seem to have, that sort of fake and factory produced look. These lashes are hand made and 'delicately crafted' and honestly it shows. 

 Perfect Eyelashes by Agnes Dos Santos - Glam Lashes*. ' A full but natural Lash'. (As worn in images above) These lashes did require some trimming before they could be worn as they were too wide for my eyes. I wouldn't say that these are suitable for day wear, as they're quite full, however for an evening look they're perfect and finish off a look perfectly. 

 Perfect Eyelashes by Agnes Dos Santos - Natural Lashes*  'A delicate strip lash which simply adds a bit of volume to your own lashes'.  If you want a more voluminous lash, but without the extra length and something you can wear without question at work or during the day, this is the lash for you. The Natural Lashes blended in so easily with my real eyelashes I couldn't tell which were real and which were fake! These are perfect for that extra confidence booster, without the self consciousness of worrying if your lashes are too obvious at work! 

However, despite all the positive aspects that come with these lashes, there's also a negative that i'm still not sure how I feel about. The lashes are made from Mink hair. Yep. Mink Hair. Now your thoughts on that simple fact will affect how you feel on if these lashes are for you. I'm not 100% sure I feel great about that to be honest. The lashes are beautiful and are the most natural looking lashes I've ever worn, but on a personal basis I can't say I'm comfortable with the Mink factor. However, you don't mind then that doesn't matter!

Retraction: This article previously stated that I felt uncomfortable with these 'Mink' lashes being made from Mink fur. Although the Perfect Eyelashes website mentions a couple of times that the strip lashes are said to be 'Real Mink'. I have received the following new information from the PR company -

  'Just wanted to get in touch and let you know that the strip lashes are made from human hair which is ethically sourced and cleaned from a hairdressing salon. Agnes never uses real mink fur in her lashes and only uses a silk alternative which is called ‘mink’ I had to check with her as I also don’t agree with mink fur being used!'

Perfect Eyelashes by Agnes Dos Santos* Can be purchased here -

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these lashes and if you've tried them. Let me know in the comments. xx


  1. Lovely make-up look ! To bad the lashes are made of Mink hair, not a big fan of make-up or products tested on animals or with animal ingredients =/

    Lovely review !x

  2. I love your makeup::: it's nice you embrace your pale skin: fab eyelashes to: always good when they look real to


  3. The lashes look amazing and at first appeared to be something worth paying that 'little bit extra for' at first. However, I too am unsure about the mink. It made me feel a little sad inside.
    Love your makeup too!! :o)


  4. I can't say I've ever tried full strip lashes! I always go for the individual lashes because I only like adding them to the outer edge

  5. Your eye make up is lovely and so are the lashes! xx

    - Chaitra | PinkPot

  6. I have never tried those lashes, but they look amazing on you. And your eye makeup :)

  7. I've never tried false lashes before, but these look lovely!

  8. I love your makeup here:) I've never tried false eyelashes though

  9. Hello, miss Em! :) I was wondering if it'd be alright if I featured you on my Instagram account! I love your beautiful face, flawless makeup, and tips and reviews. I would love to share your work, let me know! <3

  10. your reaviews are great, love how honest and straigh forward they are. and you make up skills are incredible! seriously, you look stunning in each and every photo! wonderful!

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